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Who We Are

BAZAR MAROC ANTIQUES is proudly based in west London .
By way of Kensal Green celebrating a large collection of antique and objects d ‘art from Morocco and beyond the Sahara..
Abdellah Rais El Fenni as his father Majid who preside the bespoke boutique Majid in Tangier medina in Morocco .
Traveling and trucking authentic pieces from islamic and oriental antique ,tribal art ,textiles and painting .
Each year Rais El Fenni, whose family name means Artistic Leader, reconnects with his home in Tangiers, Morocco, first stopping in to visit his father Majid who presides over the illustrious Boutique Majid, featuring some of the best collections of old amber, Berber objets d’art, handwoven textiles, and rare antiques the world over, and beloved by many collectors and celebrities. From this locus of earthly delights, father and son venture together outwards to explore hundreds of souks all over the country, handpicking only those items that are truly unique and uphold the very highest standards of traditional Moroccan artistry. Some of those treasures make their way to the Boutique Majid in Tangiers and some make the long journey.

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